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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Welcome to Grammie Ramblings!

When there is no power, no computer, no T.V., telephone or distractions, it is clear to me, it is time to start my Grandparent Blog. This blog is for grandparents, and all the people who are in love with the little ones. I want this blog to be positive, funny, uplifting and a helpful account of the magic that is grandparenting.  There are new and exciting ideas, new terminology, in the field of child development. I would love to have company as we try to learn what is going on out there. I hope to have lots of guest contributors, my friends and family are great parents and I know they work hard to be even better grandparents. All our experiences are unique yet share the same goals. I hope all the different voices are valuable, and you find a few that speak to you.

This blog will not be critical, no insults, accusations, she said, he said...This is not the blog to air the family dirty laundry, lets be positive. But we are sympathetic, it is easy to be misunderstood, and not heard.  It is hard to be an observer after we all were in charge not so many years ago.

I hope you find the stories and ancedotals funny, and truthful. Please tell your friends, support the sight, and enjoy. Tell me what you think, Tell me about the topics you want to hear about. Talk to me!                                                                      

Love Grammy Judy