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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Do You Find People Fresh These Days?

Do you find people fresh these days? Not the kind of fresh that Febreeze brings, but having a fresh attitude? By the way I do not understand how Febreeze works, or what it does to the lungs as we all breathe in chemicals from a spray bottle? Why are we inhaling this pollution by choice? I digress. I think adults have become sassy, rude, and fresh.

This morning I noticed my mail deliver about 15 minutes early. We get morning mail and it was a nice, early surprise. This is a new mail carrier. Our former mail carrier, James was a temporary carrier. He was temporary for a few years. He was lovely, sweet, helpful even played with Stormy, who now loves mail carriers. Our new carrier was busy talking with the Orkin, pest control man. They were having a fine conversation. I asked if I could get my mail, and he answered no it's not finished yet/ I stood patiently and said nothing. He went back to distributing the mail in the box we pick it up in. He said you have an angry expression on your face. You should be happy I came early!. FRESH, FRESH, FRESH. I could not help it, I answered, "yes but I am still getting the mail at the same time". He handed me the mail and said, see you did not have to use the key. I said thank you...

I originally planned to be a High School art teacher, but to be honest I found the big kids, big of body and big of mouths. Kindergartners are a lot of things but fresh, is not one of them. My children were never fresh. not to us at least. My daughter said I have such a strong personality that it was never worth the energy/ My son was not a mouthy kid, both kid have many friends, good social skills. I am grateful we did not do rude, arrogant and fresh teenagers. I realize society, morals and what is acceptable has changed, but a fresh mail carrier. Give me strength!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Stress Will Kill YOU!

I am pacing. I am a pacer, the bigger the room the better. I am waiting for a phone call after the doctor's visit. It's family and it's personal and it counts. I do breathing exercises. Dr. Oz taught me how, you take a breath hold it and let it release. It works great when I am not nervous or upset. Not so well when I need it to work. Control your breathing, slow your heart rate.

I'll do exercises, stretches, lunges light weights. My body obeys my mind is elsewhere, my mind is on the phone that does not ring. I hope I do not sprain anything. Maybe this is not a good idea. Old movies, I will watch something engaging , something light. My favorite old musicals, or Star trek, or Lord of the Rings, comfort movies. Can I find Moonstruck, Cher will understand. GiGi Paris, 1900., Gypsy, and mamma Rose. I stare at the screen. I have my own worries, no patience for the movies today.

When is the call coming? Where is the news? Hot herbal tea, with honey that is what I need. It tastes bitter, not what I want. My friends have suggested I take up drinking. I agree- but not today, maybe not ever. So I wait, I pray a little. I ask for help to be a more patient person, a better person, less emotional, more logical. Help me , please make everything right. Fear, prayer, tears... a perfect fit. Stress will kill you, ask any mother.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

It's All In The Name

According to pet mavens, dogs and cats are now being given people names. I guess the days of Rover, Scout, and Kitty are over. My dog Stormy, is a good example. I had a student named Stormy, and I loved the name. Truthfully I thought it would make a better pet name, but that was just my opinion. There was a famous weatherman, named Storm Fields, but really his name was Ira.

I considered other names before I chose Stormy. My students provided me with unique and interesting names. There was Dazly, a dazzling child, Sky, and Rain. I love weather names. I had the car children one year, Lexis, Mercedes, and Audi. No they were not related. Another year it was Romaine and Asia.

My most memorable family named their children Unique, Elite and Prestige. Mom proudly explained she got her names from the dictionary. I had twins named Quasar and Quasy, confusing because they were identical and the names were so similar. Sometimes the names are so complicated and long nobody can pronounce them. This was Eberlinias problem, thankfully they called her Ebie and I was thankful/

So much care and thought and time goes into choosing a name. Does it all really matter?  I do not know one adult who likes their name. Stormy likes his name,  he hears it on the news all day. When my daughter in law was pregnant my husband asked that the baby not be named a fruit, vegetable , or planet. Sounds fair to me/ 

This is Stormy, but Stormy and I want to say good-bye to Cody, and tell him we will all miss him.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Waiting on Line At Trader Joe's

Trader Joe's is a specialty food store. It's a small supermarket with gourmet and unique food items. Everything is high quality, and well priced. The store is always busy. Sometimes I need one item, sometimes a week's worth. You can purchase plants, cut flowers, and seasonal items. Plan to wait on the check-out lines. The management and cashiers are friendly and helpful, they pack for you and inquire if you found everything you were looking for.

My last two visits to Trader Joe ended in the same way. I allowed the people waiting in back of me to check out first. The first woman had one or two items, and asked to go ahead of me. I could not think of a mean reason not to let her so I agreed. She paid and headed for the exit. There, she met someone she knew and proceeded to have a long conversation. She was still talking as I left the store.

Today a different customer was holding a bouquet of flowers. She never asked to move ahead in the line, she said, " I am going ahead of you". The cashier and I shared a knowing look and she plowed ahead. She paid with dollars,   never waiting for her change. She bolted out of the store.

My register person said, " WELL"! We started to talk. He and I went to the same High School ( many years apart) We lived a few blocks from each other, growing up. We laughed and shared a moments connection. As he copied the information from my drivers license, he said. " what's a nice lady like you living in a town like this"? I can only guess that besides meeting the people here, he has seen them drive.

Friday, May 3, 2013

Dear County Public Saftey Center

Dear County Public Safety Center,

I am writing this letter for my mother. My mother is a senior citizen. She has an alarm system in her home for many many years. She no longer feels safe in her own home. At her request, she had her alarm company install central systems. She and the police will be alerted if there is a break-in. This gave her an added sense of security.

Recently her alarm went off. It was only then that we became aware that she had not filed a permit for the central system. She was fined a considerable amount of money. She will happily pay the permit fee, but feels she did nothing to deserve the hefty fine. I am sure you are aware of what living here costs, and the high price our seniors pay for everything.

Please cancel the fine. She will happily pay for the permit. Please give this daughter some peace and closure on this matter. I do believe in happy endings.