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Tuesday, June 4, 2013


GOOD  NEWS THE TOWN GAVE MY MOTHER THE PERMIT AND REFUNDED MY $150 DOLLARS...............The power of prayer?  the pen? a sympathetic employee?                              
               Have a great summer, I will return in the fall,  love  Judy

    Dear County Public Safety Center,

I am writing this letter for my mother. My mother is a senior citizen. She has an alarm system in her home for many many years. She no longer feels safe in her own home. At her request, she had her alarm company install central systems. She and the police will be alerted if there is a break-in. This gave her an added sense of security.

Recently her alarm went off. It was only then that we became aware that she had not filed a permit for the central system. She was fined a considerable amount of money. She will happily pay the permit fee, but feels she did nothing to deserve the hefty fine. I am sure you are aware of what living here costs, and the high price our seniors pay for everything.

Please cancel the fine. She will happily pay for the permit. Please give this daughter some peace and closure on this matter. I do believe in happy endings.