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Saturday, November 16, 2013

I Am Now A Commuter

I am now a commuter.  True,  I only commute on the railroad one day a week. I have to buy daily tickets and don't wear my monthly pass around my neck, or on my phone like the " real" commuters.  I am learning.  As I wait on the platform I see what the commuters wear. It's cold in NY especially catching the 7:29.  Some people  wear heavy coats, but don't close them. This is a very popular look.  I cannot imagine the purpose of this, unless it is to give the impression of carelessly flapping in the wind.  I feel cold looking at them.  Then you have the parade of scarves.

Scarves have become a very important fashion statement.  I have had young teachers wear elaborate scarves in classrooms well over 80 degrees.  I recently sat across from a lady who folded and unfolded her pashmina for our 40 minute railroad trip.  It was like watching a silent how to video. I really learned a lot. Thank you scarf lady.

Aside from scarves there are now phones, I pads, and readers  to play with,  on the train.  There was an announcement that there were designated silent cars one could chose to sit in.  My car was packed not a sound was heard.  I had my kindle, it's great.  Some people still read newspapers/ I wish they wouldn't, because most of them leave them on their seats. 

Lastly I am fascinated with the train conductors, ticket agents....  the people who punch your ticket and sell tickets if necessary.  Why would anyone want to ride up and back on a train all day?  The uniforms are OK...I wonder how much money they earn? My wise husband says many have family that have done this, like police or firemen/ women. I have never heard a child wish to grow up to work on a railroad...  Commuting one day a week is OK. Thirty forty years.... I rather take the car.

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  1. Oops, I am an open-coat person...when I am driving, to be able to arrange the layers in a way that doesn't activate my sciatic nerve. It also allows for quicker access to things in my multiple pockets. But cold weather walking and trains encourages a closed coat, until entering the train or building.

    Conductors seem to like talking to the different people and the work benefits. The ambitious ones can pass tests, take classes, and find other jobs that pay more and challenge more.

    What about stewardesses --- on their feet and dealing with many obnoxious and demanding people through long flights, often with insufficient time in their destination cities to do any sightseeing or shopping, treated disrespectfully by too many?

    Those on the outside of a job often misunderstand what makes it fun and what makes it a grind....Like those who think that teaching is so easy, with so few hours and high pay,...and yet they never tried to be teachers themselves for their own list of reasons.