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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Relationships For The New Year

Happy New Year. The  new year makes me think about relationships, I guess it's the lyrics to the song.... Relationships are ever changing. We change, we age, we grow, we mature, or not?  Why shouldn't  our friendships?  Easier said then done, I think.
Relationships and friends hold special positions in our lives. Some friends we confide in, some friends are partners in crime.  Some friends are part of our past.... others make us better people, some are our conscience.  My work friend are my battle buddies, we fought the war together, and survived.  There is even a category of frenemies/ those you love to resent and bicker with.
There are couple friends, and friends your spouse can't stand. I mentioned how much I liked a new friend of mine and my husband said, yes but the other husband does not like him. There are friends who are also your relatives, and relatives that no matter how hard you try will never be your friends.
The saddest category is the friends lost.  Not lost by death but by action.  These are people I never could have predicted, would NOT have a place in my life. I let them go.  They hurt me, abandoned me, stop caring for me... moved on without me. Or maybe I did those things to them.  I am not sure but they were part of my life, once now they are not.  I wish them well.  I miss what we had.  I cannot turn back time.  Nor would I if I could.
I toast the New Year with love and cheer.  May it be wonderful for you.  May all your dreams come true. May the babies grow strong and smart, may your relationships bring you love and peace.   Judy

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