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Monday, November 5, 2012

My disclaimer

I have a disclaimer, I do not spell well. It's a problem. You will see errors. I apologize in advance. My typing ...fair. That is why I taught kindergarten and not High School English. Also if you would like to comment or post and I hope you do, mail it to me at I will add it to the blog.

I want to welcome all new grandparents to the best club in the world, and your new job title "observer". I do not say this sarcastically or with a hint of regret. The new parents ARE IN CHARGE. and if you are lucky like I am, you will be relieved to see, everything is going to be fine.

When our darling baby P arrived I was flooded with memories of my own children's births. We received calls, emails, cards and even grandparent gifts. Everybody wanted to hear every detail, and wish congratulations to the whole family, Most of my friends knew my son his entire life-multigenerations are beautiful. The birth was especially wonderful because it made my mother a G.G. great gandmother. As soon as we looked at the precious baby I realized things have changed. The girls have new philosophies, different baby products, and techniques. I learned what swaddling was, and I learned about breast feeding. Welcome to your new role as observer. In fact if you would like to take charge, I suggest you buy a puppy. Mine is named Stormy.

Being the observer is a good thing, just another new role in life. Believe that the new parents are knowledgable and wise. They love their children unconditionally and children are very resilient. Voice all your concerns to me, and your friends. Everything is going to be great. Stormy is doing very well!

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