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Saturday, November 24, 2012

The Baby Calls You What?

This blog is about a problem, so delightfull and happy a delema  I had to share. What is your grandparent name? I have a friend who was a very young mother (17) and a very young grandmother. She always felt she was too young, and too sexy for the role. She loved the grandchildren dearly, but just did not like the title that came with it ." Grandmother" evoked pictures of orthopedic shoes, and housecoats for her. Her solution, she had the grand kids call her Honey. The world was happy again.

I learned grandparents are called by a variety of names. Some names get invented because the kids cannot pronounce Grandma and Grandpa. My niece and nephew called my in laws Grammas and Grampas, and it was adorable. Bubbe, Zehda, Pops Poppa, Nana Nanny, have been around for ages. Opa, Oma, Yia Yia and Noona are ethnic favorites.

I chose Grammy, I thought it was cute and fun. My mother is G.G. for great grandmother. I know Grams , Granny, Mom Mom, Gramps, Pa, Grampop. There is always "Sugar" for those who give the most, sweetness. Let's face it, what is important is not what they call you, but that they call. What is your favorite grandparent name?


  1. Your story reminded me of my mother's story about a beloved neighbor who gave Mom her gold ring which Mom later gave to me. The lady was referred to as "Honey Housy." Her last name was "Houseman," but Mom never knew the lady's first name, other than the ring had a "B," the reason I ended up with it....Meanwhile, about grandparent names, my girlfriend wanted her grandson to call her the Hebrew word for "grandmother," "Satan," but the little boy abridged it to "Ta." So her name is "Ta."

  2. I hated that my mom wanted to be Nanny but now that my kids love their nanny and poppy, it has grown on me. They also have a Bubbie, Zeydie and even a Big Bubbie, GG, and Grandpop (which is really great grandpop). I love them all.

    1. Thanks for the comments! Please keep them coming.