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Friday, December 21, 2012

Love In The Afternoon, After The Nap, And The Pills

G.G. and I recently returned from a brief trip to Florida. Let's face it, Florida is different. The people all say hello to you. The supermarkets offer more service, and love is in the air.  Maybe it's the warm temperatures, or extra hours of sunshine, or flowers blooming in December?

My mother introduced me to her neighbor Lou. He was looking for female companionship. Just a nice lady to keep him company. He was cute, in a very senior way. He was from Brooklyn originally, and seemed genuinely happy to meet other New Yorkers, especially if they were women. Lou, I am guessing was well into his 80's.  He  had decided G.G. was the perfect woman for him. My mother, NOT INTERESTED!  Really not amused by him at all.

He complained that as hard as he tried to initiate a friendship with my mother she remained uninterested. " Who needs another old person to take care of, too much responsibility". " I will become the topic of conversation in this development", "NO WAY", says G.G. ! The more she ignored, the more desirable she became. Poor Lou, spilling his heart out to me... unrequited love is a drag.  He took a deep breath and said--- Well, if your mother is not interested are you?


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  1. Loved your blog, Grammy. My mother avoided co-ed situations after Dad died, but she was already too frail to go out on her own anyway and my Great Aunt, who did pal around with some gentlemen callers, was shocked when they wished to take the relationship to a more physical level."No way!" for her too.

    Regardless of what her suitor said, he would never have been happy with JUST her company. Her instincts were correct.

    I loved your last comment.