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Monday, December 3, 2012

Pets Need Grandparents Too

I always think of my dog Stormy as my late in life child, or my grandpup. He and I look very much alike, especially when I need to have my hair recolored. We are both grey with some black and white mixed in. He enjoys cuddling on the couch, watching TV and anything I eat, is fine snacking for him. Stormy enjoys a good nap with me. My friends are his friends. I will never have to pay for college, cars,  weddings,  or graduations. Stormy loves and protects me. I can buy him presents, toys and treats. He is never disappointed or unhappy with my choices. I can be the most indulgent grandparent. I answer only to the vet, and hopefully that is at his yearly check up.

This is my first experience as a dog owner. Allergies, expense, inconvenience, always prevented me from buying a pet. I did buy the kids newts ( Aragon is now 7 years old) frogs, turtles, fish but that was for them, Stormy is mine. I bought Stormy during a sad time in my life. My father had died suddenly, I lost a job I loved, and I had a serious flood in my basement. I felt lost, without direction, and questioned my identity. My friend CCC the animal lover, suggested a dog.  My husband suggested a shrink. Stormy was exactly what this Grammy needed. It took Grandpa a little longer. Through Stormy I met great neighbors who provided parenting advise and support. Stormy is a great grandpup. If you grandparent cats, dogs or other, he is the child who never grows up, like us he will only grow old.

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  1. Unlike traditional granpups, your Storm lives with you 24/7, making him your pupson more than grandpup because it you spoil him, you do not have the freedom to send him home and have your kids deal with the outcome.