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Friday, February 15, 2013

Where Did You Go Dr. D... Dr D.?

News shows celebrate  viewers that are 100 years or older.  They talk of the large parties, and how the doctors and health care professionals all attend.  The younger me thinks doctors at the party?  The Grammy me says, ofcouse that is where our meaningful relationships and time is spent.  This is the future, if we even make it.

This blog is about my  ex-allergist Dr. D.  He was a good friend, and a real support system.  The office was a first come first serve.  He offered samples on new products.  He would check your ear or throat of you had an ache.  He accepted my insurance and renewed all my prescriptions.  You could share your concerns and in return he told stories about his family.  I never felt ignored or rushed.  Many of his patients were seniors, and I saw him go to the parking lot to give an injection to a patient unable to get into the office.  He was an inventive  man, who wrote cook books, did charity work and ran several offices.

My mother, a patient received a letter saying Dr. D sold his practice and other doctors would take over.  I never received this letter.  The office never had a problem finding me for billing.  He included a phone number and good wishes.  My mother called, to try to say good-bye.  It was sad and odd.  How could a man who shared such a personal bond with his patients not shake your hand and say good-bye?

I googled him.  I found him working as a psychologist.  He was working with teenage boys.  Where did you go Dr. D.....Dr D.?  Seniors don't like change, not one bit.

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  1. As usual, a great essay.

    Yes, by a certain age, our chief social calendar seems to revolve around doctors, medical tests, and medical procedures,...for ourselves and for our parent(s), and in your case for children and grandchildren. Doctors are powerful people, important to our physical and mental well-being. Those who do not visit a doctor, many doctors, or any doctors lose more than just the care and preventative measures.

    You are lucky to have such a positive and long relationship with your doctor. I have had several great doctors, but they're constantly moving, changing, being promoted,...leaving. Same thing with my mother's doctors. Those who are pricklier in personality (although still knowledgeable and solid as medical practitioners) are not missed so much when they leave. I have even switched doctors, using their location as the excuse, since my medical coverage associates with a huge network of medical centers with numerous doctors and my retirement gives me the excuse to select doctors closer to my home than to my former place of employment.

    It is sad to lose your allergist. I remember your stories about him and how supportive he has been. At the same time, psychologically guiding teenage boys sounds like the perfect job for a man of Dr. D's skills.