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Saturday, March 23, 2013

A Monkey, A Partridge, and a Hermit

We attended a concert at the new /old Westbury Music Fair.  If you were listening to music in the 60's and 70's and had a soft spot for the hearthrobs of that day, we saw three of them last night,  Micky Dolenz,  David Cassidy,  and Peter Noone.  If you are under 40 this is not the blog for you.

This is the third time I am seeing Peter Noone, of Herman's Hermits.  He is adorable, extremely talented, a gifted musician and comic, and sixty five years old.  As he says on stage " this is the only time I can act like I am 19, and look like I am 65."  I noticed a slight limping, on stage, which made me love him more since my back has been acting up as well.

What I did not know is each performer came with his own fans.  My cousin and sitting neighbors were die hard David Cassidy fans. I do remember the long hair, cute smile and The Patridge family.  Even if the performers no longer look the same they sound exactly as they did , in their glory days. Happily they looked age appropriate, too.

I got home and googled the boys.  I read about their marriages, children and careers.  I knew every word to every song Peter sang.  Some audience members could not restrain themselves, danced in the isles, tried to hug the performers.  We all sang, clapped and wiggled and were kids again.  The ticket being a small price to journey back in time, even for just a few hours.

I spoke to Peter, my heart be still, and bought a CD and took these pictures.  I told him we come to his shows. he said he was gratful and would be returning in October.  He was wearing a lot of stage make-up and his wrinkles were prominent, up close.  Can you get cuter then that?  It made me wish I was Mrs. Brown's lovely daughter.... and I CAN be again in October.

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  1. Great memories! Of the 3, I favored Noone, myself. But since Bill's research for his Monkees' tribute show, I've gained a strong respect for Dolenz too. Glad you had fun and that the enthusiasm of the audience did not interfere with your enjoyment. I attended one Peter Allen concert in Radio City (Allen, being the inspiration for The Boy From Oz, and yes, not Peter Noone), where some drunk fans near me sang along until a few of us made it clear that we hadn't paid to hear their off-tune renditions of the songs. On the other hand, for Rod Stewart at Westbury, my friend and I danced the whole concert through because, being in the last row, our performance bothered no one. And, I sing along with the clips that Bill has in his Rock Legends Live shows, but quietly, so that only he and I hear me. Sometimes, when enough members of the audience sing too, you hear the theater in response to the group. But you still hear the group and no one seems to mind...Rock on!