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Friday, March 15, 2013

More Florida--- Life is a challenge

My family and friends face personal and private challenges, in the sunny state.  I admire my mother and my pals.  Life is an uphill climb even in flat Florida.  My mother continues her life without my father.  His spirit is very strong in the Florida apartment.  I found a blender only he could have bought, and used.  He liked gadgets.  He liked Florida.

My friends battle age related illnesses, and sometimes disppointments from people they thought they could rely on.  Nothing is easy, but they are all cheerful, and continue on.  Aging is not for the meek, weak, or frail, here or there.

Florida stories are sad, and funny.  We went to a large bazaar, flea market to meet my long time friend and her husband.  You can buy antiques, fruit, eyeglasses, clothing- anything there.  I had the shopping cart, and since I was not  buying fruit I was told to SIT in the waiting area.  There was a line of chairs where mostly the men waited.  A popular item, people use is a stroller, which carries your dog, so fido can shop and not be tired or cause a commotion.

I approached an empty chair and said to the man who pulled the chair close to him, " may I sit down"?  He said" NO".  I asked " why not?' I should have stopped there but you can take the girl out of New York...  He said, " my wife is returning soon." I informed him I would pop up and give the seat to her when she showed up.  He said " no, you can't sit here".  I looked him in the eye and said, " don't you feel silly, saying this to me?

If he did , he did not relinguish the chair.  I sat in another chair and waited till his wife appeared.  She and her stroller eventually showed, I peaked into the stroller, to see the dog.  It was a cat, hello kitty in South Florida.  I asked my friend how she endures this insanity and she said, you get used to it.  I hope I don't.

VP,  this one is for you, with love and hope.

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  1. Well said!...Age may be a state of mind, but my mind and body rarely agree about how old I really am.