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Saturday, April 6, 2013


As I weigh in as a Lifetime member of Weight Watchers ( 11 years), I am thinking about food.  After my monthly weigh in I treat myself to something sweet and special.  It is my reward for 30 days of vigilance.  Imagine if my addiction was heroin, instead of food?

I do A LOT of cooking.  I cook by choice.  I like to chop and peel and shop for food. My specialty is using left overs in a creative way.  Sometimes the outcome is great.  Other times only a good effort.  Food is interesting. I like color and texture. I love root vegetables.  I am sure I grew all I ate, somewhere in a past life, seed to meal.

I came across this quote in a Weight Watchers booklet, perhaps it will speak to you...

                                        "No one who cooks, cooks alone.
                                        Even at the most solitary, a cook in the kitchen
                                        is surrounded by generations of cooks past, and the
                                        advice and menus of cooks present, and the wisdom
                                                 of cookbook writers"                                               
                                                                                      Laurie Colwin

Finally I share a food story.  My neighbor is 94 years young.  She is clear of mind, walks everywhere, and does not believe in doctors.  She eats plain food, and not much of that.  I do share my home baked sweets with her- she likes a sweet treat.  One day she was telling my mother and I about a perfect dinner she had the night before.  It was a chocolate bar and a cigarette.  My mother asked her if it was dark chocolate?

Food,  you can't live with it, you can't live without it...  sounds like men.

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  1. smile at all that you wrote here, but it is so different from my life that it is like visiting a foreign country. Due to health concerns and food intolerances, I have a long list of foods that make me sick or give me pain. I don't want to "cheat" because I do not like pain or hospitals. Thus, food is for life more than anything else, although there are a number of things that I like and enjoy eating. Many spices help make my meals more interesting, and fresh vegetables and fruits have taken on new depths of taste that help my meals too.

    Therefore, I tend to do a lot of chopping, steaming, and nuking, more than cooking. Cook books are of little interest to me because most of their contents are forbidden. I hate shopping and love convenience, especially if coupled with discounts. I'd rather spend hours doing things other than cooking or shopping or gardening....I must have been a librarian in a past life?