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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Lights In The Sky

We lived in a house, tucked away, on a forgotten street. The children played hockey, and football. They rode hot wheels and we knew all the neighbors. This was before GPS's. Nobody wandered onto our streets. In those years the kids had many activities and I was always driving someone somewhere.

I was in the car with my daughter who was a young teenager. We were heading home it was almost 5:00. The sun was beginning to set, but not for us. It was now very sunny and very bright around our car. I could see shadows surrounding other houses and trees. We were in high noon. My first thought was a helicopter with a strong search beam looking for someone. There was no sound. Weren't helicopters noisy? We turned the corner and still the glaring bright lights. My daughter's eyes were as big as saucers.

I was afraid to stop, and afraid to continue. We got to the house and ran in. I returned outside. Nothing, no lights, no sound, just a fading sun and evening approaching. My neighbor was out with his two young children, and thought my story and I were crazy. He had no idea what I was talking about.

Something was above us. Somebody knows what we experienced. That somebody is not me. All my life I have looked to the future and the sky. Was this the day I had been waiting for? I still wait and keep looking up.


  1. Your daughter also thought you were crazy :)

  2. Helicopters high up might not be noisy, but shouldn't be so bright. I suppose LI's proximity to some military bases could mean that early stealth bomber test flights could have included one past your street....I don't know.

    A couple of times in the past I saw lights in the sky that appeared and disappeared too quickly, soundlessly, and erratically in flight pattern to be one of the traditional planes or helicopters that I knew (once, while I was watching a Shakespeare production in Central Park, and the other time while I was driving on a parkway).

    Most likely we will never know the answers, but the questions are intriguing. Sometimes, it is more rewarding to pursue the questions/quest than find the answers/reach the final destination/goal.