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Friday, May 3, 2013

Dear County Public Saftey Center

Dear County Public Safety Center,

I am writing this letter for my mother. My mother is a senior citizen. She has an alarm system in her home for many many years. She no longer feels safe in her own home. At her request, she had her alarm company install central systems. She and the police will be alerted if there is a break-in. This gave her an added sense of security.

Recently her alarm went off. It was only then that we became aware that she had not filed a permit for the central system. She was fined a considerable amount of money. She will happily pay the permit fee, but feels she did nothing to deserve the hefty fine. I am sure you are aware of what living here costs, and the high price our seniors pay for everything.

Please cancel the fine. She will happily pay for the permit. Please give this daughter some peace and closure on this matter. I do believe in happy endings.



  1. Dear Judy,
    Many fines are not uniformly enforced or posted, making too many of us oblivious of their existence until we get the summons.
    Your mom might be able to go to court and appeal her fine before a judge, or at least obtain a fine reduction that is fairer for her oversight. Perhaps the alarm company could be taken to Small Claims Court for having not sought the permit or informing her of its need.
    The alarm company should have warned her of the possible need for a permit, at the very least. Truthfully, they should know about the regulations of each neighborhood they service and facilitate any needed permits. If the regs existed when you mom bought her home, the realtor should have warned your mom of its existence. Certain professionals who profit from those who live in areas governed by these regs should warn their clients.
    Our selfish, profit-making, Me-First world needs to be held responsible for more than taking a client's money. That being said, communities now have web sites. Wouldn't it be nice if someone in the local government summarized and posted the basic regulations that would impact upon most citizens? We have the technology. This service would be far more useful than the monthly mailed publicity photo-opped newsletters these politicians send. Regs posted on the Internet would be a Green way to inform citizens and accomplish something....Of course, the community would lose some (fine) revenue, wouldn't it? B.

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