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Friday, May 10, 2013

Waiting on Line At Trader Joe's

Trader Joe's is a specialty food store. It's a small supermarket with gourmet and unique food items. Everything is high quality, and well priced. The store is always busy. Sometimes I need one item, sometimes a week's worth. You can purchase plants, cut flowers, and seasonal items. Plan to wait on the check-out lines. The management and cashiers are friendly and helpful, they pack for you and inquire if you found everything you were looking for.

My last two visits to Trader Joe ended in the same way. I allowed the people waiting in back of me to check out first. The first woman had one or two items, and asked to go ahead of me. I could not think of a mean reason not to let her so I agreed. She paid and headed for the exit. There, she met someone she knew and proceeded to have a long conversation. She was still talking as I left the store.

Today a different customer was holding a bouquet of flowers. She never asked to move ahead in the line, she said, " I am going ahead of you". The cashier and I shared a knowing look and she plowed ahead. She paid with dollars,   never waiting for her change. She bolted out of the store.

My register person said, " WELL"! We started to talk. He and I went to the same High School ( many years apart) We lived a few blocks from each other, growing up. We laughed and shared a moments connection. As he copied the information from my drivers license, he said. " what's a nice lady like you living in a town like this"? I can only guess that besides meeting the people here, he has seen them drive.

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  1. LOVE Trader Joe's but not the crowded aisles, the AWFUL parking lot, and mini-chaos. I only go for specific items but do enjoy the visit once there. I basically go to Merrick but the one in Plainview is less of a hassle. Sadly, the drivers and shoppers are no more polite in Plainview than in Merrick, but I'm unsure whether or not that is a function of society in general at this time, a particular generation, or the neighborhood vibe. Survey in progress,...I'll get back to you with my conclusions. Some neighborhoods, however, still are nicer in behavior than others. Is it in the water?

    I've let people in front of me at the cashier's in other stores, but those folks were always thankful. HOWEVER, one has to be diligent with self-check lines and impatient shoppers, some of whom are perhaps dishonest. I am a quick packer and clearer but learned to pack as I go because 99.999% of the shoppers will start their items the moment you pay for yours, whether or not you have packed and removed your items from the counter. It can get crowded and confusing really fast.

    Then there are a few who try to ring their items up BEFORE I have paid for mine. I would be paying for their items too! Hell, no! I don't think so! I can get very loud and daunting with my teacher's voice, "Excuse me! I am not finished yet and have to pay for my own shopping before you start!" It's hard to argue or insult someone who just states the truth and reveals that you are a fool or a thief, without calling you any names. They back down and mumble apologies but so far those who did this never seemed that sorry to me, only regretful that they had to wait or that they were caught. I am not sure which. But manners are in the down-swing.