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Monday, September 16, 2013

The People In The Movies Are Crazy

We waited to buy our tickets for an afternoon movie.  The patron at the booth was having a lively conversation with the ticket clerk.  Two seniors catching up on old times, slowly.  A whole line of people waited, did I care?


We entered the theatre, a woman was upset.  The commercials and advertisements were on but there was sound but no picture.  " Where is the picture"? asked a very annoyed woman. The truth I didn't miss the pictures, it was restful...


Next in, was another couple.  The man was on his cell phone. " Don't talk on the cell phone, in the movies" said another movie goer." Why not" ? " It's not like the picture is on"!  I said nothing because I did not care.


It was about this time I took a stroll to the ladies room.  We couldn't find the ticket stub- who would have checked anyway?  When I returned there was still no picture.  The lady called to me, did I speak to the manager about the picture? No I answered I went to the bathroom. " You should have found him maybe you could have gotten this mess straightened out."  I wonder what that meant.


The movie, sound and picture started 5 minutes late.  The people behind me ate candy for 2 hours crinkling their wrappers, loudly.  I enjoyed the movie but let's face it, the people in the movies are crazy, and yes I cared.


  1. You have not mentioned anybody looking at their smartphone with bright blue screen irritating you eyes while theater was dark and movie was on. I am assuming there were no young patrons in this show.

  2. I do tend to care if the sound is off for the pre-show because I don't trust that the projectionist will catch the error. Everything is automated by computer. The human who oversees all 12 screens may be at the other end of the building. I'd rather get screen or volume issues resolved before the film, when I will really care. But I still hold off customer complaints for rude or loud behavior until the actual movie starts, when I try to diplomatically recommend that an important conversation or phone call be finished in the hall where it could remain private. Usually a negative glance is enough to inspire positive action when feet are up on the furniture (especially) and the "leg rest" is the chairback next to my head, or when someone is using a cell phone, i-phone, etc. so that the light ends up in my eyeball. But I see those people as rude, not crazy."