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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Vacations Are A Great Place To Make New Friends!

We took a wonderful trip this summer, and were lucky enough to meet interesting, and exciting new friends.  This is a guest blog from my new friend Zulekha.  We found we shared many things including baby sitting grandchildren, and worries about our adult children.  Thank you for being my guest blogger!!!

I love to travel.  Since I cannot travel all the time due to lack of money or time, I watch House Hunters International Show on HGTV channel.  Most of the people on show who are relocating want to get away from high stress lifestyle of west or wherever they are living.

 I relocated to USA 35+ years ago from India for better life for me and my family. It is still dream of may be some people to relocate in West for better life.

Is grass always greener on other side?



  1. The grass may seem greener, but perception does control our attitudes and can make the difference.

    Maybe there are inexpensive ways to tweak the appearance of rooms, walls, windows, garden, and/or furniture with memories of the trips that were made or with cultural influences of places that are on the wish list. Enlarged framed photos, or color scanned or Xeroxed magazine photos in frames can give home a new feel. Curtains, sheets used as large curtains, beads, flowers, murals on one or more walls...can make your home into your exotic getaway place.

    The TV shows that you watch can give you great ideas. You just need to translate those visions into more affordable versions. Enjoy!


  2. Thank you. I don't have to think that grass is greener on other side. I just have to water my lawn more.

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