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Monday, January 14, 2013

Baby Hugs

One year ago,  Grandpa and I sat at a basketball game, starring at the cell phone. We were waiting for our " Pea" to be born.  You were a lovely baby.  You continue to be  a beautiful child.  We celebrated your first birthday.  It was a small, intimate, festive and fun afternoon. Your parents hosted,  and a few friends and relatives attended.

It was, as always, the baby that touched my heart. She puts out her arms and reaches towards me, and asks to come to me.  I hold her.  She is soft and round and warm.  She puts her head on my shoulder.  We play a silly game.  She tries to take off my glasses, and I shake my head and say " not my glasses"! She laughs her baby laugh, and shakes her head.

I kiss her and hope she never lets me go.  I know she will, but she will return.  She will be walking soon, and she may not want to cuddle or be held so much.  Today there were so many baby hugs, and they made me feel loved, and fulfilled.

                                                      Happy Birthday little darling.
                                                         Grammy and Grandpa love you forever...

A Baby Girl Is...   thanks Connie

A baby girl is...
eyes that mesmerize,
drawing all time, energy and focus
to her unique attractions.
Smiles and giggles,
bringing more thrills,
pleasure and satisfaction
than any amount of money can buy.
Sweet, soft,
feminine baby fragrance...
inhaled happiness.
Growing, changing,
in your eyes appearing
more beautiful every day,
your baby girl is all that,
and so much more.

By Joanna Fuchs


  1. Your reaction to your grandchild's first birthday was exactly how I felt at my grandchild's first birthday-the best feeling in the world.
    I loved your mah jongg blog. My mother also played in my apartment building and I can clearly remember the clicking and naming of the tiles. I feel fortunate to be playing with my Mom's set because it makes me feel close to her. I enjoy playing each week with my dear friends too.

  2. Happy Birthday, Only the best of everything is wished for you!

    Well said, Granny!