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Monday, January 7, 2013

The Next Real Housewives Of Long Island...

I read an article about Melissa Gorga, a player on " The Real Housewives Of  New Jersey".  She has been married for 8 years and is writing a marriage advice book.  WOW!  8 whole years, with the same partner.  I have been married for 40 years - Do I have a book deal?  A T.V. show? Am I a celebrity?  Andy Cohen are you listening?

I came up with an innovative idea for a new reality show.  I would feature my BIG family.  Each week the cameras would focus on a particular branch, and do a two hour special about them.  After a season of this, the audience would vote on the episode and family they would like to see more of.

Sadly, I do not think the relatives would participate.  We are all too normal, well mostly normal, most of the time.  There are lawyers, teachers, therapists, a doctor, salesmen, computer experts, writers, a social worker, personal trainer, and administrators.  Does the viewing audience want to watching loving, successful people?  I think not.

Just imagine the possibilities. I could sell children's books, cookbooks, wine, design jewelry, and make rock videos.  Maybe I can be on "Dancing With The Stars".  I better hurry I hear Max my favorite is leaving the series soon.  Personally, I believe I am well qualified to be a "Housewife".  I have no acting or singing ability.  I love to give advice.  I have an opinion about everything.  True, I do not wear high heels, or fake eyelashes, but I could learn.  We do not live a lavish lifestyle.  Well maybe if the show soars in the ratings, I will.

Sorry Melissa, I will not be buying your book.  I will not even borrow it from the library.  Housewives do you know what a library is?  We have lots of them on Long Island.

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  1. Well said.

    Whether you are noting the rubberneck syndrome that loves to slow down and look gingerly at horrible scenes, hoping that it isn't so awful but disappointed if it isn't (for who slows down to admire good and safe driving), or whether you are indicating that we have made outrageously bad behavior highly profitable in this country, the new entertainment is to watch to see just how bad people can be....We are looking at the dummying down of America.

    Why force our elected officials to be faster and more collaborative in finding creative solutions to problems than spending time finger-pointing, when we can watch hours of TV about Lindsay Lohan, Snooki, or one of the Housewives?

    If we turned our TV's off, refused to buy those books/products, and refused to get tickets to see these reality stars, etc., these reality stars would lose their clout...and jobs. Sponsors won't pay for celebrities who can't deliver buying clients. Anyone remember Kate Goslin?...or care?

    And "No," these current stars do not seem to know what a library is because that would shorten their shelf life and cut their salary. Looking dumb is profitable. Just look at Jessica Simpson and ask her about Chicken in the Sea. She laughed all the way to the bank. Charo, a gifted classical, Spanish guitarist was more known and more popular of her tight outfits, cleavage, long dyed blond locks, and "Hoochie-Koochie!"