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Friday, January 4, 2013

Walking My Dog At Six A.M.

I wake up too early. Long gone are the days of sleeping late.  I am still on school time, and so is Stormy, my Havanese.  He is usually woken by the paper delivery.  The paper is thrown at my garage door, thump. Sometimes it is the noisy sanitation workers. They have loud conversations shouting directions to each other, while emptying the neighborhood bins.  Maybe,  it is because it is so quiet outside, that every noise is amplified?

I throw on clothes, and creams and feed and walk Stormy.  It is around 6:00 A.M. there are very few cars on the road.  Stormy is wearing his jacket, and I have on a jacket, scarf, hood and gloves.  Leaving the house is easy. My body is warm and I am layered to go...  It is still dark.  The night lights are all on and the moon is still out.  It is almost full, but cloudy.  I wonder if it my eyes,  or  the weather.  All of the stores are closed, with the exception of the convenience store.  It provides drivers and walkers with their first cups of steaming coffee.  People leave with newspapers under their arms.  Maybe they have noisy garages too? 

There are two bus stops and sometimes people wait.  They talk on their cell phones, sometimes they say hello.  Stormy is so happy and excited, sniffing and searching for food scraps he should not eat.  He enjoys the romp, free away from the house.  I am starting to feel the cold, hurry Stormy.  We are on our way home now.  The sun is beginning to come up.  The sky has turned to purple mountains, blue and grey.

I am cold and getting colder.  Stormy runs to our door.  He is eager to enjoy the warmth, and his toys and treats.  Later, we will walk again.  Thanks Stormy, I would not want to spent this time with anyone else.

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  1. Great essay and really descriptive. Walks in all kinds of weather is the main aspect about having a dog that I do NOT miss. The company and personality I do miss.

    Kudos to you. Enjoy your morning walks. It is a peaceful time of day, even with the dumpster trucks, etc. clanking about. I tend to awaken then too, remnants form years of early wake-ups for work.

    Keep warm.