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Friday, January 18, 2013

People Age but not on T.V.

My mirror lies.  It does not lie all the time, but it lies enough to convince me I can leave the house each morning.  It chooses  not to show me the newest shadows, sags and wrinkles.  My mirror and glasses conspire to protect me.  They are my team, and my team keeps me going.

Department store mirrors, they tell the truth.  They see hundreds of people so they show no loyalty.  The truth is harsh, always has been.  The lights are too bright, and the mirrors show multiple angles.  Not easy... I HATE store mirrors.

What does all this have to do with T.V?.  I saw a commercial for Billy Crystal's new movie.  Boy- he looked old.  I have seen "When Harry Met Sally" many times.  Billy is funny, cute and young.  On my T.V. he remains as youthful  as the first time I saw the movie 1989.  Billy Crystal and I do not socialize.  I have not seen his gradual aging.  He looks so old!

He might be looking at his T.V. at me, and saying,  Judy when we first met watching  "When Harry Met Sally", you looked much younger.  This is sad Billy very sad.  I watched the "Sandy" benefit concert.  The music fabulous, the rockers, as the commercial says more rocker then rocking chair?  Old rockers not that attractive.

Some people have improved with age.  It is a short list.  Marlo Thomas still lovely.  Peter Noone of Herman's Hermits, adorable in his 60's, better then when he was a child star.  Richard Gere, more handsome then ever.  Then there are those who never age. Cher, Joan Rivers, Carol Burnett, good doctors they do not need lying mirrors.

I recently reunited with friends I have not seen in 40 years,  We all recognized each other.  Good make-up, good genes, good luck.  There is one more catagory I will call the look of love.  This is for your relatives and closest friends.  When  you love someone the mind plays kindly tricks for you, and you never really age. Well Billy you need to stay in reruns of movies, and photographs, that way you will always stay Forever Young!


  1. Thanks for another great article!

    The Cable stations that keep the old TV shows alive with their young(er) stars can also jar you when your realize how many of those stars on your TV screen not only look younger than now and more vibrant than now but are no longer alive....Hence, TV lies worse than mirrors. (I won't even get into the issue of how many stars lied about their age, starting out younger than I but over the years have suddenly become older than I am. That's a different issue altogether.)

    Then you have to chuckle when you see how worn out the faces of some rockers are (Mick Jagger and Keith Richards come to mind) and look at their older album covers. I used to think that they were ugly-looking men, but I now realize that they didn't look that bad back then (now, not so much), just that they were not pretty/handsome, the way I was used to American stars being glamorized.

    Meanwhile, keep warm and healthy!

  2. This is so true. I think more was said about the aging rockers for the 12/12/12 concert than on the relief efforts. It is especially hard to see actors and rock stars age because if they, "the special people" can age, we are reminded we are aging too. Thankfully, some people age beautifully like Richard Gere (rented Aribitrage just to see him) and your mother. I definitely have the look of love for you because you too never age in my eyes.

    Love ya,